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Easy feedback makes for happy customers

Gather and collect feedback, issues, ideas & compliments with a simple widget. Receive them in your Notion database.

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Build superior products off users feedback

  • Unlimited feedback

    Fotion writes all your feedback to your Notion database which can scale to tens of thousands of items

    Unlimited feedback
  • Do not wait for support tickets or churned users

    Most users won’t file a support ticket unless it is absolutely critical. For non critical issues, they might churn instead. Fotion strikes the balance as it allows you get their feedback right on the spot

    Do not wait for support tickets or churned users

Features, Features and even some more features

95% of Fotion's features are available to everyone for free. And with zero limits.

  • Collaboration

    Invite your team to your workspace to create and configure your widgets and notion dashboard

  • Unlimited widgets

    You can create as many widgets as possible. 10 sites? 100 sites? we've got you!

  • Unlimted feedback built on Notion

    Fotion does not limit the number of feedback you can receive by your billing plan. You can receive tens of thousands of feedback for free. As long as it can fit into your Notion, Fotion will happily store your feedback there

  • A thousand words or an image?

    With Fotion, users are able to take a screenshot of the current page of your product while also attaching it to their feedback.

  • Identify users

    You can attach the users' email to the feedback. This is useful for narrowing bugs to a specific user or knowing who made the feedback should in case you decide to contact them afterwards their feedback is addressed

  • Privacy by default

    Fotion has privacy inbuilt as we do not store any of your feedback in our database. Whenever we receive any feedback, we just write to your Notion database. We also do not log the feedback on our servers in any way

Unleash the power of listening to your customers

Everyone advises that to build a great product, you have to listen to customers often and always. Fotion allows you do that cheaply and at scale.

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Fotion seems to be loved by quite a few people

  • A simple tool for our product and engineering team to be able to monitor complaints and feedback from customers. We run an open company and since the feedback are stored in Notion, we are now also able to provide access to these feedback to anyone at the company instead of other products that introduce another user count billing system and prices us out. I recommend to every platform product manager out there.

    Oluwatosin OladokunProduct at Itana
  • Fotion was easy to integrate on our Nuxt apps. It's seamless integration and screen capture features have aided us in swiftly identifying and resolving difficulties.

    Seun AkanniFrontend Engineer
  • Indie hackers and small shops do not have gargantuan budgets, I highly recommend Fotion for anyone looking to validate product decisions

    LanreSoftware developer at Ayinke Ventures

Select a plan to get started:

$5 /mo

Ideal for fast growing businesses and teams

  • 14 day free trial
  • Up to 10 members
  • Slack Integration
  • Webhooks integrations
  • Unlimited Notion workspaces
  • Private slack support
Pro Yearly
$50 /yr

Ideal for fast growing businesses and teams

  • 2 months off
  • Up to 10 members
  • Slack Integration
  • Webhooks integrations
  • Unlimited Notion workspaces
  • Private slack support

We think we might get asked about these items a few times

If your question isn't here, shoot us an email

  • What is a widget?

    A widget is an embedddable feedback form. When creating your widget, you can name it by the site you want to deploy it on. As an example, the widget deployed on this site is called

  • What access does Fotion have to my Notion workspace?

    We only have access to the selected databases you share with us. We cannot read other ( private ) pages. We can only write to the database you share with us not your entire workspace.

  • Is there a free trial

    Not at all. All features are free so you can get started without any financial commitment or a card. We only charge to collaborate with your team and third party integrations

  • Can I remove the Fotion branding?

    Definitely yes albeit that is a pro feature :)

  • AI powered feedback?